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NowRenting offers a tenant background check online via TransUnion, a global leader in risk information.

No Hassle · No Obligation · No Surprises

Why Rental Pros Love Our Tenant Background Check Tool

Full Background Report

All background reports include a full criminal background check, financial credit report and eviction history report.

Paid For By the Tenant

We charge your lead a small application fee for their online background check, so nothing extra comes out of your pocket. Whether you’re the landlord or a property management professional, we have you covered.

Industry-Trusted Partner

All of our online tenant background checks are processed by our industry-leading third-party partner, TransUnion.

Helping you choose the right applicant
  • No extra cost to you. Choose whether to pass on the fee to the applicant
  • Background checks through TransUnion—a trusted leader in risk management
  • Be informed with comprehensive, detailed 50-state reports

Get Background Reports

Peace of Mind

TransUnion uses state-of-the-art security procedures to ensure that the users requesting and consenting to a tenant background check really are who they say they are.

And because all your data is transferred to TransUnion using a secure, encrypted connection and NowRenting keeps no personal identification data, there’s no need to worry about identity theft.  That means no paper forms, no tedious record-keeping and no liability.

Complete History

TransUnion’s tenant background checks are comprehensive, accurate and safe.  They include a credit report, eviction history and criminal history check that covers all 50 states.  If a prospective tenant has a history indicating that they might represent a risk, you’ll know it.

Free for Landlords

NowRenting gives landlords access to background checks through TransUnion at no additional charge—the fee for the background check can be passed on to the applicant.

Optional Fee Upcharge

Application fees to cover administrative costs are a standard business practice: NowRenting allows landlords to increase the amount prospective tenants are charged for a background check and keep the difference.

What Rental Professionals Say

“Absolute game changer. It’s all here. From marketing my listing to ACH, one listing covered the cost for the year and then some. Best tool in my toolbox for sure.”

Corissa Nadrowski

Bohemia Realty Group, New York City

Find the Best Tenants with Our Tenant Background Check Tool

Quickly find high-quality tenants with our online background check tool. Fill your properties with qualified tenants who are the best fit—by your standards.

No Hassle · No Obligation · No Surprises
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