5 Best Security Devices Landlords Should Set Up Around Their Home Property Rentals

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

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    > 5 Best Security Devices Landlords Should Set Up Around Their Home Property Rentals

5 Best Security Devices Landlords Should Set Up Around Their Home Property Rentals

The law doesn’t really require you to install a security system in your income property. But in some states like Texas, it is required to have at least a few security devices installed while someone is occupying a rental property.

Now you don’t really have to be in Texas to initiate certain precautionary measures when it comes to your property’s security. After all, having security devices installed in your property is not just really for your tenants or tenants to be. You yourself would find these devices very useful.

According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 20.8 seconds in the US. That just sounds crazy when you think of it. But if you know your property has a great security system or a few security devices installed, then you should be worrying less about this.

Here are the five best security devices out there that you may want to install within your property.

1. Security Cameras

This is probably one of the first choices you’ve considered getting if you ever thought of having security devices in your property. The good thing about getting a few of these is that you can easily check who’s entering the house or if there is anything suspicious happening outside the house with your desktop or even a remote device like your smartphone.

If you’re wondering whether this is legal or not, you don’t have to worry because it is. Where these cameras are to be installed is what matters here.

Your tenants should be fully aware where these cameras are going to be installed. Just remember to never put any of these in private places like the bedroom or bathroom.

The best thing to do is to consult your tenants to ensure that they are okay with you installing cameras. The usual spot to have a camera installed would be near the entrance.

2. Motion Sensors

There are different types of motion sensors that you can avail yourself of. But for a home security system, passive infrared motion sensors are commonly used. This type of motion sensor can easily pick up any movement when activated. So if your property is vacant and you don’t expect anyone to be there, this will be a good way of knowing if there is an intruder.

The downside of having motion sensors installed in your property is that a pet or any animal could also be detected. You may end up having false alarms, but a lot of home security providers claim that they have sensors that are pet-proof.

3. Smart Locks

This is something you may really want to consider, especially if you own a property that is only meant to be rented for a short time. There are different types of smart locks out there. There are locks that only need codes and there are locks that can be remotely controlled.

Now if the locks you installed require a code, this makes short rentals hassle-free for you because for every renter that will stay in your place, you just really have to give them different passkeys.

This is also much safer compared to the old school locks since there’s no key to duplicate. You won’t have to change the locks every now and then if you have smart locks installed.

4. Smart Lighting

This is great if your property is vacant. Even if you’re away, you can remotely control the lighting in your property. Why? This will just make people think that someone is in the property so there’s less chance that burglars will even consider stepping in.

Home automation comes with smart lighting. What’s incredible about this is that the automation system can vary the times when the lights turn on and off. It could even copy when the tenants usually have their lights on. This makes it looks like the lights are not timed to be on during a specific period of time. It will really seem like your property is occupied.

5. Alarm

Now all the devices mentioned can definitely lessen the chance of having burglars or intruders in your property, but nothing beats installing an actual alarm. A good rule when it comes to getting one is that the noisier, the better.

As soon as intruders or burglars hear the sound of your alarm, they will most likely back out and immediately run for their lives. Just don’t forget to have it deactivated when necessary to avoid the noise that no neighbor would enjoy.

Whatever devices you choose to install in your property, just always be sure to make your tenants aware. Make sure that they know that you have these devices installed and that they know how to use them.

Also, do not forget to have these listed in their lease terms agreement. If you have a home security system installed, you can have them take over the monthly monitoring fee if they agree.

Something that you may also want to consider is to get wireless devices to avoid drilling holes or whatnot in your property. Whether you like it or not, there will be tenants who won’t like where these devices are placed. So to avoid the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling these security devices, you might as well go for wireless gadgets.

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