Edit Screening Questionnaire

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Thursday, April 5th, 2018

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Edit Screening Questionnaire

You can always edit screening questions, even after you syndicate your listings.

Keep in mind: if you already have leads for your property, their match percentage will not change if you update your screening questions. The new questions will only affect leads that come in from this point forward.
  1. Click on the Listings link in the top navigation bar, select a listing and click its Details link, then navigate to Settings > Screening Questions
  2. Edit your Screening Questions
    • Help us find you the best tenants by setting questions that are relevant to the particular property you’re listing, as well as to your preferences as a landlord.
    • Be sure to tell us how good or bad each answer is, so we’ll know how to evaluate potential tenants’ responses!
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