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Published by Matthew Talamini in on Thursday, April 5th, 2018

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Setup Screening Questionnaire

Create simple screening questions to help us find an accurate match percentage for applicants in the Leads dashboard.

Our tools are designed to allow you to find the best tenant for your property. But we can’t do it alone! We understand that every rental property is different (and every landlord!). The same questionnaire won’t work for everybody.
The more your questions reflect your unique concerns as a landlord, the easier it’ll be for that perfect tenant to fly to the top of the stack. That’s why NowRenting lets you create a custom screening questionnaire for your potential tenants to answer.

Most importantly, every applicant receives screening questions whenever they show interest in the property. After answering these questions, a match percentage is calculated for the prospective tenant and displayed on the Leads dashboard. The more accurate the screening questions are, the better chance of finding the perfect tenant faster!

  1. After syndicating a listing the module will bring you to Screening. Here you will see the NowRenting standard screening questions.
  2. Expand out questions you want to apply a rating to by using the arrow.
  3. Apply a Rating to applicant questions. For example, my property is a 2 bedroom condo and ideally, I want 2 tenants, but I would be okay with a single occupant or maybe a couple with a roommate. Knowing this scenario, I would apply the following rating scale.
  4. Apply ratings to NowRenting template questions or Add Another Option. Click Add Another Option. You can create open-ended questions with a freeform field or create a multiple choice question.
  5. Close all editing for screening questions and Activate Listing
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