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Published by Matthew Talamini in on Thursday, April 5th, 2018

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Create a Lease

To create a new lease, click the Leases link in the top navigation bar, then click the Add Lease button.

  1. The first section of the Lease creation tool is Parties. Here you will choose the lease template you wish to edit and select which property listing to associate with the Lease. Choose the standard NowRenting lease or create a custom lease template. You can add multiple tenants to any lease. If the tenants you choose are already in the NowRenting system as Leads, they’ll be removed from the Leads page and added to this Lease. All of their information will still be accessible in the Lease Details section.
    NowRenting: Create Lease - Parties
  2. The second step is to specify the terms of the lease. The terms you enter here will appear on the lease.
    NowRenting: Create Lease - Terms
    (Note: Use the dropdown under Rent Due Date to choose between monthly rent and weekly. Notice that the amount of rent you enter is applied per the time period you specify: If you choose weekly, you should enter the weekly rent amount.)
  3. Add any extra notes you want the lease to include.
    NowRenting: Create Lease - Extras
  4. Review all the editable fields that appear on the lease. Click to change any incorrect values.
    NowRenting: Create Lease - Review
  5. Finally, choose whether to connect with Stripe to collect rent online. This will enable your tenants to pay rent through the NowRenting resident portal.
    NowRenting: Create Lease - Collect Rent
    If you choose to connect with Stripe, you will have the option to decide whether Stripe’s charges for payments related to this Lease will be paid by you or by your tenant. (See Stripe’s pricing page here.)
  6. Sign your lease and send to the tenant(s).
    NowRenting: Create Lease - Sign
    After you sign the lease make sure to send to your tenants!
    NowRenting: Send Lease to Tenant
  7. (You can always send a Lease again, if you need to. Just look for the Resend link.)
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