Default Screening Questions

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Friday, May 25th, 2018

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Default Screening Questions

You can create a set of screening questions which will be the default for any new Listings you create.

Navigate to Settings > Company > Screening Defaults
NowRenting Default Screening Questions Navigation
Once you have set screening questions here, any new Listings will start out with those screening questions.

  • Changing your default screening questions will not affect the screening questions for any currently-existing Listings.
  • Changing the screening questions for a Listing will not affect the default screening questions.
  • You can reset your default screening questions to the initial settings by clicking the Reset link in Settings > Account > Screening Defaults

Restore Listing Default Questions
You can restore the screening questions for a particular listing to your defaults by clicking the link in Listing > Settings > Screening Questions.
NowRenting Default Screening Questions Restore Link

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