Edit User Interface Settings

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Thursday, June 28th, 2018

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Edit User Interface Settings

NowRenting allows customization of certain aspects of the user interface. These settings can be accessed at Settings > Account > Preferences (or nowrenting.com/settings/account/preferences)

  • To change the displayed names of NowRenting features: Under Naming, each NowRenting role (Applicant, Listing, Lead, Lease and Landlord) has a text input box.
    Anywhere that the website would display the name of that role, we’ll replace it with what you enter into the box. For instance: If your business refers to potential tenants as ‘prospects’, you can enter ‘prospect’ instead of ‘lead’. Then NowRenting will call potential tenants ‘prospects’.
  • To change the navigation bar tab order: Under Navigation, each section has a number, and they’ll be displayed in the top navigation bar in that order. You can change the order by clicking the up or down arrows, and then the Save Changes button.
  • To change which navigation bar tabs are displayed: The checkbox labeled Hide Navigation Link will cause that link not to be displayed in the top navigation bar.
  • To change your NowRenting homepage: The checkbox labeled Use as Homepage controls which page is your default landing page in NowRenting.
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