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Published by Matthew Talamini in on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

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Pricing Options

NowRenting offers one simple plan to cover all your rental listing, lead management and leasing needs.

$69 per user per month, with a discount for billing yearly.

It’s as simple as that.

If you decide to be billed on a yearly basis, it’s $55 per user per month (or $660 per year). That represents a 20% savings over monthly billing!


If I choose to be billed yearly, will additional users cost $69 per month or $55?
$55. Additional users cost the same as the base account, whether that’s billed monthly or yearly.

If I add a new user to my account, when can I expect to be charged?
If you’re being billed monthly, your next regularly-scheduled bill will include a prorated charge for the time from when the new user accepts their invitation to when the bill is issued. If you’re being billed yearly, the prorated charge (from the time the new user accepts their invitation to the next regularly-scheduled invoice) will happen right away.

Are there any extra charges?
All of NowRenting’s features are available to you, whether you’re being billed monthly or yearly. Certain outside services that NowRenting facilitates (such as processing ACH payments or background checks) may incur a charge from the other company.

How are accounts from prior to this pricing model affected?
They aren’t. We intend to honor the terms of the account you originally signed up for. Your bill won’t change, and neither will the feature set available to you.

View our pricing page for more details here.

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