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Published by Matthew Talamini in on Thursday, January 24th, 2019

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Follow Up Emails & Feedback

NowRenting allows showing attendees to provide feedback on their experience, which is compiled into a handy weekly report.

When a showing is finished, NowRenting will automatically send feedback request emails. You can change the text of these emails in Settings > Company > Outgoing Messages.

NowRenting: Follow-Up Email

Clicking the Leave Feedback button takes Leads to a page where they can leave feedback, choosing between Very Bad, Bad, Neutral, Good or Very Good. They will also be able to type in additional comments.

NowRenting: Feedback Page

Be sure to mark as No Show any Leads who confirmed their appointment, but didn’t attend. This allows NowRenting to curate your feedback appropriately. The daily view of a showing gives access to the No-show button, which lets you tell NowRenting which Leads didn’t show up.

NowRenting: No Show Window

Attendee responses are compiled as part of your weekly Owner Report. For details on the Owner Report, see the help article here.

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