Tenant Management Software to Streamline Your Business

If you’re searching for an online tenant management solution, you’ve in the right place. We’ll use an anecdote below to demonstrate how NowRenting works to organize all your rental management tasks.



The Tenant Management Dilemma

This is Jack. Jack wants the best tenants to fill open rental property listings, but without a solution like tenant management software or landlord property management software, it’s proven difficult.

He’s tired of the laborious tasks involved in his day-to-day. Posting various rental listings on all the major rental sites and sorting through the hundreds of leads he receives is painstaking.

Jack receives so many calls, texts and emails at all hours from existing tenants and new leads. This caused him to miss out on the highest-quality tenants. In effect, tenant management became increasingly difficult down the road due to less-than-perfect tenants. Not to mention, Jack wasted time communicating with leads that were not a match for the open listing.

Jack felt deflated. What was supposed to be a passive income business was in reality a chaotic situation in which tenant management seemed impossible with his multiple properties.

The Tenant Management Solution

Jack finally discovered NowRenting, a solution to the problems he faced as a landlord, also commonly experienced by leasing agents and rental management professionals. All the issues he had previously were now solved with online tenant management software.

In fact, once he acquired enough properties to have someone take over, he decided to hire a rental property management company. And the transition was made seamless by NowRenting.

His property manager was able to take over his NowRenting account with the help of the dedicated and responsive support team. Still affordable, easy and smart.


Benefits of NowRenting for Managing Tenants

Rental Listing Syndication

Jack no longer needs to post rental listings to all the websites that list apartments, condos and homes for rent. NowRenting empowers Jack to create the listing once and let the tenant management software do the rest of the work.

Single Inbox for Business Communication

With NowRenting, Jack finally has an organized system for managing tenant communication. He can collect all of those leads and any communication he has with them in one easy-to-manage inbox, without ever needing to give out his personal phone number or email.

High-Quality Rental Leads

NowRenting automatically sends standard pre-screening questions for every rental property listing and Jack can tailor questions to potential leads. After a simple background check and credit report—which the applicant pays for—our tenant management software delivers only the highest-quality leads to Jack’s dashboard for review.

Efficient Tenant Screening

Instead of sifting through hundreds of leads that all look the same, Jack can easily see the outstanding applicants and compare them side-by-side. NowRenting tracks his communication with them on one simple tenant management platform for all his properties. Jack converts leads to tenants faster with NowRenting's match filtering and organized communication portal. Jack finds the best tenants in less time.

Tenant Management

NowRenting’s intuitive lease generator and online rent collection allows Jack to never have to worry about spending excess time managing tenants or a new rental lease agreement.

Tenant Management Software User Testimonial

“Absolute game changer. It’s all here. From marketing my listing to ACH, one listing covered the cost for the year and then some. Best tool in my toolbox for sure.”

Corissa Nadrowski

Bohemia Realty Group, New York City

NowRenting Streamlines Tenant Management

Simplify tenant management with our cloud-based software, and free up time to enjoy your ROI.

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