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How Our Online Tenant Screening Tool Works

At NowRenting, we know that poor-quality leads turn into poor-quality tenants. That’s why we developed an online tenant screening tool that allows you to easily compare your most qualified applicants and find the perfect tenant. Read below to learn how it works. You’ll soon understand why NowRenting is the best tenant screening service available!

1. List Your Property on Multiple Sites via NowRenting

One reason why NowRenting is considered the best online tenant screening tool is because it streamlines the entire rental process, starting with marketing your rental property. As a do-it-yourself landlord or rental professional, NowRenting enables you to create a rental property listing that automatically posts to multiple sites.

This means that we take almost all of the manual work off your hands when it comes to rental listings. What used to take hours only takes minutes. This is the part that attracts leads to apply to your rentals.

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2. Our Online Tenant Screening Tool Pre-Screens Your Leads

When you receive interested leads from your syndicated listings, they are asked a series of pre-screening questions defined by you as the landlord or rental professional. Each lead is assigned a “match percentage” based on their answers. This shows you the most serious leads first.

No more wasting time going down dead ends. This narrows down your leads to the highest-quality tenants, making NowRenting the best online tenant screening tool for a streamlined rental business.

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3. Quality Leads Turn Into Quality Tenants

From here, you can send your best matches their application forms, request background checks (which the applicant pays for) or filter out leads. Once you find a great lead, they can start the lease process by sending a digital lease and collecting an e-signature. NowRenting is even equipped to collect and send rent via ACH for free. Not to mention, you can sync our software with QuickBooks!

Learn about our lease generator tool.

Online Lease Generator

4. Communication with Leads & Tenants Stays Organized

NowRenting makes it possible for you to keep all communication with tenants and leads separate from your personal communication. This means that texts, phone calls and emails won’t be mixed in with your personal ones anymore. Your listings have their own unique phone numbers and email addresses. Keep your personal contact information out of the hands of tenants to maintain organization and a sense of privacy.

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Organize Tenant Communication

5. Create a Custom Website for More Leads

Want to generate additional leads from sources beyond our syndicated listings? As a paying user, you can create custom websites for each of your rental properties. It’s simple to do, and we’ll show you how!

Learn more about using NowRenting to create a custom website for your rental property.

Custom Rental Property Website

NowRenting User Testimonial

“Absolute game changer. It’s all here. From marketing my listing to ACH, one listing covered the cost for the year and then some. Best tool in my toolbox for sure."

Corissa Nadrowski

Bohemia Realty Group, New York City

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