NowRenting Release Notes

NowRenting is always improving. Read and review the release notes below to check out the latest updates and changes with each release.

Exciting things are on the horizon for NowRenting!

Released on April 13th, 2018
Have a hard time keeping track of the timetables of all your leases? Let NowRenting do it for you! Our newest feature, available now, is an option to set up reminder emails for when a lease is nearing the end of its term. No more scrambling to negotiate a lease renewal at the last minute!

We've been hard at work collaborating with our partner TransUnion, a leading credit reporting agency and risk information provider, to bring automatic and easy-to-use credit, eviction and criminal background checks to NowRenting. This feature is very near to completion, and will go a long way toward taking the hassle out of background checks, for both landlord and applicant.

One more exciting development, due for release very shortly, is our new free account tier. Designed to allow landlords to request background checks at no cost to themselves, free tier users can pass the cost of a background check on to the applicant.

Just another way NowRenting saves you time, money and bother!

Preparing groundwork for the future

Released on April 6th, 2018
We've spent most of this week preparing the groundwork for a big new feature, which is coming soon, and also upgrading some of our technology behind the scenes. However, observant users may notice some changes:
  • Lots of bug fixes to the NowRenting mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Various bug fixes within
  • New main site navigation bar, with dropdown menus!

Major NowRenting mobile app update

Released on March 23rd, 2018
The NowRenting app, available for iOS and Android, now enables access to our core functionality from anywhere.
  • Professional users have access to their Listings, Leads and Landlords, including the ability to add new Landlords.
  • Solo users have access to their Listings, Leads and Leases, including the ability to record new payments.
  • All users have access to their NowRenting Messages functionality, helping you keep your business and personal information separate.

Big changes to our tiered pricing structure and mobile app

Released on March 15th, 2018
This week, NowRenting has undergone some major changes, most notably to our tiered pricing structure and to the mobile app.
  • The Landlord tier is now known as 'Solo', and will have access to the Listings and Leads features, as well as the Leases feature.
  • The Solo tier is priced at $9 per month (or $90 if paid on a yearly basis, an $18 discount).
  • The Professional tier is priced at $59 per month (or $590 if paid on a yearly basis, a $118 discount).
  • Tenant tier accounts are, as always, free of charge.
  • New feature sets for the NowRenting mobile app, available for Android and iOS, include Messaging, Leases and Leads.

The Rental Revolution marches to 1,000 users and continues to evolve...

Released on March 1st, 2018
Today is another big day for NowRenting. When you are a young, scrappy, hungry startup, big days should be happening regularly, and for NowRenting, we are happy to report that they are. If you look at our release notes since September of last year, you can certainly see an "up and to the right" trajectory. How about a quick recap?
  • September 1, 2017—NowRenting launches with listing syndication and lead screening for landlords.
  • September 13th, 2017—NowRenting partners with the Zillow Network.
  • November 17th, 2017—NowRenting begins to target Realtors with version 2.0.
  • December 1st, 2017—The concept of Listings, Leads and Leases is born and the NowRenting Directory goes live! Realtors and Rental Professionals begin showcasing their businesses.
  • January 1st, 2018—Listings, Leads and Leases goes live. Sister site Tenantly releases Tenant search functionality. NowRenting partners with QuickBooks online. ACH functionality goes live.
  • January 9th, 2018—NowRenting launches the LeadFeed.
  • January 18th, 2018—Tenant searches reach 200.
  • January 29th, 2018—Keller Williams RI partners with NowRenting.
  • February 2nd, 2018—Boston City Properties partners with NowRenting.
  • February 20th, 2018—NowRenting crosses the 1,000 users threshold.
And here we are. It's been a great, fast climb, and we are still climbing.

As we take a look back at what we have learned, these two things are overwhelmingly apparent: 1. The rental process is smoothest when Rental Professionals, Landlords and Tenants work together, and 2. The right kind of technology can unify those three separate, but equally important, groups.

To quote the blog found here, the mission of NowRenting will be:

“Use the internet to unify and simplify the residential rental space for Landlords, Tenants and Professionals."

This mission, when stated this way, seems simple enough, and was born from the passion and desire to solve this problem. The simple fact remains that when all 3 of these elements are part of this process, everyone wins. I believe that it is our mission and responsibility to prove this to be true.

So, with all this in mind, the latest release of NowRenting will focus on what we are calling the Rental Eco-System. NowRenting will now break up into these 3 elements:

NowRenting Professional will give Rental Professionals access to all the technology necessary to be hyper-efficient, along with access to Tenants and Landlords. NowRenting Professional will include a first of its kind CRM to manage the entire workflow from start to finish. From Marketing to Syndication to Management, NowRenting will have the Rental Professional covered.

NowRenting Landlord accounts will make it easier than ever to manage your rental experience. With customizable leases, the Landlord CRM, QuickBooks integration and easy to use ACH, the Landlord is in total control at every point in the lease cycle.

NowRenting Tenant now replaces Tenantly as the first of its kind property search site that manages the entire process of renting your dream home. It starts with setting your criteria for an apartment, then it lines you up with a Professional, to guide and represent you in your search, and finally, it allows you to manage your search through the tenant dashboard. Once you've signed your lease, NowRenting Tenant will store your lease and set reminders for lease expiration. The entire Rental experience in one place.

Change Log
  • There are now three account types: Professional, Landlord and Tenant. Availability of various features depends on account type.
  • Landlord CRM: A new tool for users with Professional accounts to keep track of the landlords they're doing business with, as well as the deals they make with those landlords.
  • Bug fixes and style upgrades were made to nearly every part of the site in support of the new user account type structure.

Laying down the groundwork and connecting the dots

Released on February 9th, 2018
NowRenting listings are now available to search on The new interface empowers our resident users to search the NowRenting network of listings. Potential tenants can filter listings by more than just location to quickly find their dream rental.

We improved NowRenting Leads to include advanced details that come from our Tenantly apartment search requests. This edition combines the power of NowRenting and Tenantly to deliver a robust Lead ready to sign a lease. We also redesigned the Lead detail page to streamline the steps to get a Lead reviewed and signed onto a lease.

Speaking of Leases, this week we added a Lease Activity Feed. The feed is a central place to view all activity attached to a lease. This includes maintenance issues, rent payments and communication.

Those are just a few milestones this week, among other improvements to appearance and bug fixes.

Happy Renting,
The NowRenting Team

On to the next! Ending January on a High

Released on February 2nd, 2018
NowRenting had a major week, closing out massive projects and launching brand-new features to the Leads and Leases offerings. We officially took off the training wheels and are now fully integrated with QuickBooks Online. That’s right — NowRenting is currently featured as one of the newest apps on the Intuit QuickBooks App store.

This week the LeadFeed Offering went from user request to live and in production. This new NowRenting offering will satisfy those customers looking for RED HOT leads. These rental leads come directly from our sister site, pre-loaded with helpful information to convert the lead into a signed lease.

NowRenting fulfilled another user request and added a simple feature to upload and store PDFs in the Leases platform. This will keep all your rental information in one spot, as tenants switch to digital leases.

Finally, with this epic end to the first month of 2018, NowRenting added an easy-to-use maintenance request function. With the Leases offering, your tenants will be set up on our sister site, where they can easily submit maintenance requests. You can now manage those maintenance requests in the Messages section of NowRenting.

Happy Renting!

There’s something to be said about security (and insecurity)

Released on January 26th, 2018
Happy Friday, Now-Renters!

We’d like to start this week’s release notes with a pop quiz. As an individual, how many times and in how many places does some piece of personal information appear on the world wide web? I bet that it’s more than you think. And that isn’t an entirely bad thing. Some folks have even taken time to display their info so that friends and family can find them. Whether you chose to share your info or it somehow appeared online without your knowledge, there are always risks associated with having it out there. Check out our blog post that discusses some of those risks here.

So why all this privacy talk? I’m glad you asked. In this ever-changing rental landscape, NowRenting wants to give those who rent out property choices and solutions to make life easier. In this case, that solution is NowRenting Privacy, and it’s available now to existing Leads customers on the NowRenting Platform.

NowRenting Privacy is an optional service that allows customers to separate their rental business from their personal business. Customers receive a local phone number and a unique email that drive all of their text and voice messages into their messages dashboard. You can even chat with prospective tenants in real time, and never share a lick of your personal info. This is innovation only available on NowRenting and as a privacy user.

For more detailed info on Privacy and other NowRenting services, check out our all-new help section and knowledge base here.

In addition to those major upgrades and the standard bug fixes and upgrades throughout, the engineering team made a major under the hood upgrade to the notifications feature, and now users can edit their tenants’ info in the Lease Summary page. We made improvements to multi-browser support and, finally, now ACH charges on bank statements will show the lease address.

That is all for this week. Have a great weekend and Happy Renting!

Look Mom, we're famous!

Released on January 19th, 2018
Happy Friday, NowRenters! As we returned to the office after taking Monday to celebrate the life of Dr. King, we woke up to a wonderful story in a national magazine. Colin Krash from tech mag and blog VentureFizz took some time to interview our founder. You can check that article out here. We were impressed by the article and came to realize that NowRenting is starting to make waves, and with that in mind, this release brings us a brand new "In the News" section that will provide easy access to any NowRenting-related news! Cool, right?

In addition to "In the News", the wizard to create a new listing now includes pages where you can market the listing on the Directory and syndicate the listing, whereas before there were separate wizards and settings pages for those things.

Until next week!

The NowRenting Team

NowRenting: Working hard and celebrating greatness.

Released on January 12th, 2018
“Be a bush if you can't be a tree. If you can't be a highway, just be a trail. If you can't be a sun, be a star. For it isn't by size that you win or fail. Be the best of whatever you are.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

NowRenting is dedicated to greatness. If you hang around our office for 5 minutes you will likely hear Ed and Kyle quoting Gary V. or talking about Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson or Michael Jordan in the flu game. Today's inspiration, however, comes from the man that our country will honor on Monday, the one and only MLK.

The above quote says so much to inspire us at NowRenting. We want to take over and revolutionize the rental world and we're human, so we want it right now. Today. This quote reminds us to be our best at every stage of growth along the way, and reminds us, while we're waiting to be the biggest, not to forget to be the best. In the spirit of that sentiment, here's what we were up to last week:

ACH is now live and running and 100% included in the Leases offering on NowRenting. Users can now manually add leads to this offering as well.

A BIG announcement from sister site Tenantly. Users can now take control of the rental experience and submit their criteria to be connected to their dream rental. No more waiting around for someone to call back. Now, your search comes to you. This is a game-changer, to say the least.

Bug fixes include: payment modal, listing interior pages, lease page sorting, QBO status, HotPads integration, Rent Roll PDF, Leads page filters, syndication settings page, Directory, Tenant lease signature page and Tenant lease view page.

And finally, there have been appearance updates to the: lead messages chat, edit invoice modal, directory results map pin tooltip, rent receipt email, add payment / rent receipt modals, mobile leases tables, Tenantly brochure, NowRenting brochure about page, rent roll PDF, lease balance tables, mobile lease pages, Tenantly find an apartment wizard pages, Tenantly brochure, NR brochure page, date picker calendar popup and rent receipt emails.

So, there we go. Another stellar week for the team. Tune in next week for some special video updates. Here's one last piece of inspiration to celebrate and remind ourselves to be great.

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The NowRenting Team, Jan 12, 2018

Happy New Year!

Released on January 2nd, 2018
So here we are. The first day of 2018. The scene is set: this is no longer an idea, no longer a concept.

The place is here. The time is now.

Welcome to the NowRenting revolution.

Today Realtors and Landlords can go directly to and start their 360 Degree experience.

It all starts with showcasing their individual business on the NowRenting Directory. Our goal is to drive as many people as possible, based on geography, into each customer's dedicated page. It is really challenging for an individual or small business to drive renters into a Realtor or Landlord's individual web page. So NowRenting is taking the heavy lifting out of maximizing web search and marketing for small businesses, and driving business directly to them. Once the Directory is complete, customers will be prompted to add their open listings to showcase. It's important to note that this is the ONLY time customers will ever have to do this.

Did I mention that, right now, the above process is 100% free? Yes. 100% Free. NowRenting will drive Landlords to Realtors, showcase Rental businesses and allow renters to find the perfect match, all at no charge.

But Realtors want more. Landlords want more. NowRenting wants them to have more. So here's what we did.

NowRenting Leads (Unlimited transactions — $600 per year):

Customers flip a switch to syndicate to our partner sites, and qualified leads get delivered to our customers' inboxes in real time. Our customers can use TransUnion Smart Move to get credit, background and eviction reports at no cost to them, so that they NEVER show an unqualified candidate the wrong rental. Once they love a candidate, they send an electronic application and capture the customer's info on the spot and in real time. Our customers will never lose that rock star candidate due to lag time again. Thousands of leads delivered in real time. Cut vacancy time in 10th. Take your time back. In the testing phase, customers saw a 200% Return on Investment in the first month of using NowRenting Leads.

So, we've advertised the agency, promoted the listing, found the perfect candidate, captured their data and vetted the renter, all for pennies on the dollar. What's next? How can Realtors be different? Take more market share? "It's all the feels that seals the deal."

"If you give great service, you win the business." — Edward Giardina, NowRenting Founder

NowRenting Leases (Unlimited leases, Leases Storage, Unlimited ACH, Unlimited Credit Card Transactions, Unlimited QBO Sync — $600 per year):

With NowRenting Leases, you can create a custom lease for the prospect standing in front of you, collect their first payment and set up monthly ACH in under 90 seconds. Perfect for a landlord. Just as perfect for a Realtor — who is now becoming the best rental agent in their Zip Code, because for the same price that Tom, Dick and Mary Realty charges, this Realtor offers their customers FREE ACH and Lease signatures and storage. NowRenting Leases also integrates with Quickbooks Online, giving this story the perfect ending.

For $1000, Realtors and Landlords can get all 3 Services for the year, and included is a professional on-boarding and dedicated account manager to ensure success.

As Ed said earlier,
"If you give great service, you win the business."

We believe that statement. We also believe in transparency as a company, so we will say it as plain as this:

NowRenting 100% guarantees a minimum of 2X Return on Investment or your money back.

This release is years of hard work all coming to a head. We are so proud of what we have built. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed building it.

Here's to 2018! The Year of the NowRenting Revolution!

NowRentings's Year in Review

Released on December 29th, 2017
So here we are. The last business day of 2017. We have been doing these release notes since September and as we reflect on where we are now and where we have been and most importantly where we are going, we thought that it would be cool to lay out the progression of NowRenting for the folks that have been following along and paying attention. When Hollywood comes knocking for the movie rights to the NowRenting story (and they WILL be knocking), we imagine that 2017 will be act 1. Hmm. What would that movie look like?

So it’s January 2017 at New Service HQ at 10 Weybosset Street in Providence (the 3 room, 800 square foot office on the 3rd floor of a Providence high rise which is still home to NowRenting). Founder Ed Giardina (played in the movie by 2005 Ben Affleck) is in his office mapping out the day and the year for his team of engineers. Out in the bullpen, those engineers Derrik Curran (played in the movie by Robert Pattinson) and David Loehr (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt). Tenantly was the vision at this point. Being not only a property owner but a proven and successful software creator and seeing gaps in the market motivated him to create a solution for people in the same situation as him. Also important to point out that at this point Ed had hired some contractors that worked off site including a talented UX designer named Dave Janelle (played by Matt Damon) whom Ed had worked with over the years, as well as some talented developers from overseas.

Tenantly was coming along nicely by late January and into February, but as it’s being built Ed Affleck has some new ideas creeping in. He began to ask himself if Tenantly was the right place to showcase these new ideas. These BIG ideas. He began consulting more with an engineer and fellow property owner named Sandro Silva (played by Riz Ahmed) In February of 2017 Effortless was born. Effortless would take some of the functionality from Tenantly and add a new suite of services like listing syndication and lead pre-screening . The combination of these two products would forever change the game and by Mid February into March, construction would begin and move quickly.

April rolled in and Ed found the perfect domain to accompany the features that Effortless was presenting. Effortless became NowRenting and would be the perfect compliment to Tenantly.

NowRenting would provide anyone who listed property a private email and telephone number. It would syndicate listings across dozens of websites, and what would come back from these efforts would be a pre-screened, pre-qualified lead saving the landlord time and money. A one stop solution to handful of problems that property owners faced everyday.

This was a massive concept that would take manpower and hard work. Ed would hit the job prospect market and search for engineers that were up for the challenge. Who he came up with would change the face of NewService. Enter Patrick Giddings (played by 1999 Liev Schreiber), Tyler Oliver (played by alive Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Matthew Talamini (Played by Jude Law I mean...who better than young Dumbledore?)

It was ON! Lead by Derrik Pattinson there was nothing that this team couldn’t do. The plan was in place and now there was no slowing it down with this all star team at the helm.

As construction continued into August Ed started to think about bringing these products to market and his search began for someone to help sell this product.

Enter veteran salesperson Kyle Anderson (Played by Kevin Smith of course).

Once Kyle started, a new perspective and dynamic was added to the team with fresh eyes to look at the product. Ed and Kyle with the help of Derrik hit the whiteboard and began formulating the strategy on how to take these products to market.

Through these meetings a new type of customer emerged. Realtors would be added to to the list of potential customers that would LOVE NowRenting. Ed and Kyle would Hire salespeople to take NowRenting to market with the leads product. Enter Paul Dzurec and Kristen Rispoli (Played by Zach Galifianakis and Hailee Steinfeld).

Now with a plan to hit the market, Ed would bring on Dave Janelle full time and add a strong utility player in Hannah Guild (played by 1995 Sandra Bullock)

As the sales team hit the phones and sold the leads product, we began to uncover all sorts of gaps in the market. Back to the whiteboard we went, where we would spend hours which turned into days, which turned into weeks. Those weeks of work and dedication would turn out the best product on the market for people who rent property.

After a full year the perfect team was assembled. The product has evolved. On the first day of the new year we will launch the all new NowRenting and Tenantly into a market that needs it so desperately. We are so excited.

Please log in on Tuesday to see for yourself and from our Family to yours, Happy New Year!

Twas the Week Before the New NowRenting

Released on December 22nd, 2017
'Twas the week before the new NowRenting, when all through the office
Everyone was excited, especially the bosses;

The site was almost ready, created with care,
From the mind of Ed G. with some Dave Janelle flair.

While Kristen and Paul get ready to sell,
Hannah's media strategy is starting to gel.

In the last week of prep before we go live,
We released some updates and continued to thrive.

Created and worked on the new tenant portal,
Where customers can pay their outstanding total.

You can now get your lease as a PDF,
Thanks to good work by Patrick the Chef.

Matt and Tyler worked to get QBO integrated,
But QBO and ACH pages remain feature-gated.

With massive upgrades to most of our pages,
It's easy to see why we release in stages.

With more to come at the first of the year,
We know our customers are going to cheer.

Before we leave for Christmas and shut off the light,
Merry Christmas from NowRenting and to all a Good Night!

Santa isn't the only thing to look forward to at NowRenting.

Released on December 15th, 2017
It's no secret to anyone paying close attention to NowRenting product development that big things are coming in our first release of 2018.

When our full offering is deployed, NowRenting will be able to serve anyone who rents out property. From landlords to rental agencies to realtors to full-serve property management companies, NowRenting has a software solution to save you time, money and resources.

As our plan for global rental dominance trucks forward, the partnerships that we form are quite important. This week's release begins with the announcement of two new strategic partnerships. First, we are proud to announce our partnership with TransUnion, who will provide credit, eviction and background checks. We are also very pleased to announce our integration with QuickBooks Online, which will change the shape of NowRenting and allow us to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to our user base. Stay tuned for more partnership announcements in the coming weeks.

In addition to that exciting news, this week the team got busy on our "already in production" listings offering, adding the ability to duplicate a listing, which can seriously save some time when listing property in the same building or area. Also worth noting in listings is that it's now possible to see leads for one particular listing. Super cool! Inside the directory we added some functionality as well. You'll now notice buttons to "see more nearby businesses" and "contact the owner". You'll also notice a breadcrumb top bar as well and some bug and speed fixes.

Remember to visit our release notes next week—Dec 22nd—for a very special Christmas message from the Founder!

Happy Renting,
The NowRenting Team

We love the Holiday Season here at NowRenting! Here is a little song the team worked on this week. We hope you like it!

Released on December 8th, 2017
On the 1st Day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: A new video for the world to see!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 4th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 5th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 6th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 7th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: Updated settings pages, An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 8th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: Updated custom emails, Updated settings pages, An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 9th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: A Directory search bar on the very front page, Updated custom emails, Updated settings pages, An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 10th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: 12 bug fixes, A Directory search bar on the very front page, Updated custom emails, Updated settings pages, An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 11th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: 16 appearance updates, 12 bug fixes, A Directory search bar on the very front page, Updated custom emails, Updated settings pages, An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

On the 12th day of Christmas, NowRenting gave to me: A new referral program, 16 appearance updates, 12 bug fixes, A Directory search bar on the very front page, Updated custom emails, Updated settings pages, An all-new brochure page, A filter results popover, Customizeable company profile URLs, New Leads Customer Metrics, Directory Search Functionality and A new video for the world to see!

Check back in right here next week and we will have a video of Eddie Claus singing it, and we'll also have a new song called "Twas the night before product launch".

Enjoy the holiday season—and stay Rented,

The NowRenting Team

Tis the season of giving, so we thought "why not give more"?

Released on December 1st, 2017
Happy December 1st NowRenters! The 25 days of Christmas are upon us, and we are all feeling a little festive here at NowRenting. Somewhere between the turkey and pumpkin pie last week, our founder Ed got bit by the spirit of giving, and now here we are launching a new piece of NowRenting and giving it to the world for free. Drum roll please!

Introducing the NowRenting Directory. The world's first full-service residential rental directory. This really is a game changer. A single destination where anyone and everyone who lists rental properties can be found by not only potential renters, but other people in need of your services. Are you a landlord looking for a property manager? We've got you covered. Are you a property manager looking to fill a vacancy? We've got you covered too. How about a renter looking for a reputable landlord? Yup, we can help there too. The best part of all of this? It is 100% FREE for you to advertise on the directory and post your open listings with NowRenting. The normal $29 fee will be waived for ALL NEW NowRenting customers. Now that's holiday cheer.

Also worth noting this week is that, on top of a quick tune-up and some bug fixes under the hood, the core offering of NowRenting will focus on 3 key elements: Listings, Leads and Leases.

Listings: This speaks to the offering above. Promote your business on our Directory and list your open listings with NowRenting.

Leads: Syndicate your listing to 20+ partner sites, and instead of getting phone calls and emails to sift through, you'll get pre-screened and pre-qualified leads delivered to your NowRenting dashboard. Send your best prospects an application and – coming soon – run credit and eviction reports in real time from that application.

Leases (Coming Soon): Once you have listed and found your perfect candidate, you can generate and store custom leases and even set up ACH for that customer.

The NowRenting Team

NowRenting hits the market with upgrades across the platform. People rejoice.

Released on November 17th, 2017
Big Day for NowRenting Today as we went to the press and to the public with our fully built out NowRenting offering. We saw a huge kick in web traffic and even got some interview and feature requests. A cool day for the team indeed. Here is a copy of that presser.

A lot of work went into being ready to have the world take a look under the hood of NowRenting. The messaging interface is now user friendly and more comprehendible. We revamped and simplified the listings page and made some internal adjustments to speed things up. As promised, subscription prices have a new bigger look and feel but still provide a tremendous value. You'll also notice a new workflow for signups and payment and some bugs that have been removed.

All in all, this is the product that everyone has been waiting for and it's finally here. Please remember to share all site feedback at

Enjoy the new functionality and we will see you Next Week.

The NowRenting Team

Happy Veteran’s Day from the NowRenting Team!

Released on November 10th, 2017
We know that we’re able to work in a free market and create cool technology in part due to those that keep us safe and free. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

So, another Friday passes, and NowRenting looks and feels as new and improved as it did last Friday and the Friday before. Every week a little better. A little smarter. We welcomed in two key players, Tyler Shepherd and Hannah Guild, who will be joining the sales and marketing teams respectively. In a matter of days, both Shep and Hannah have not only improved our work flow, but changed the culture of NowRenting. We are over the moon happy to welcome them.

As for us old-timers, it’s been another home run of a week with the launch of our all new leads page in NR Basic. You can sort your leads using a slider that moves your closest matches to the top of the list, and leads will also display a personal avatar when available. An elegant solution to put the best leads on top and ready to contact.

We have also squashed some bugs and done some housekeeping when it comes to email and screening questions.

We are also anticipating a big release that will fundamentally change the way the world sees NowRenting. More on that in just 4 short days. Until then, Rent Easy.

The No Shave November NowRenting Team

Cool Startup Job Titles

Released on November 3rd, 2017
It’s important to us that our customers get to know us and what we’re up to all week at NowRenting through our release notes. In that spirit I’d like to share a snippet of a real conversation that took place inside NowRenting HQ this morning.

Kyle: “WOW guys. We are getting so much accomplished and so many new customers, maybe it’s time to think about some cool startup job titles.”

Derrik: “I’ve never really been a fan of titles, but what do you have in mind?”

Kyle: “I don’t know, something start-up-ish.”

Matthew: “Hey, can I have one with the word 'Wizard' in it?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our first update of the week. Please help me congratulate Matt on his new Job title: “Content Wizard and Protector of the Oxford Comma.” We’re just calling him The Wiz for short.

(Note from Matt: Hi I deploy the release notes and I can put stuff in behind Kyle’s back and the Oxford comma is the worst, okay Matt out.)

Meanwhile, back at the lab...

Here’s what the Wiz and the rest of the team worked on this week:
  • We added some more functionality to the lead and message screening process and made some upgrades to the overall functionality of our site.

Happy Halloween!

Released on October 31st, 2017
Happy Halloween and happy release day from your friends at NowRenting.

Upon return from from the upside down, Count Matt-ula and Tyler Durden took a bite out of our workload by updating some styles and implementing some bug fixes. In the meantime Patrick S. Pumpkins and Derrik Demon improved the way that our new 'garbage detection' works. Eddie Kruger was so pleased with progress and is so thrilled with this release that he could hardly sleep. Now, onto the candy!

Have a safe and happy Halloween from the Demented NowRenting Ghouls.

Another banner week for the NowRenting Product Development team

Released on October 20th, 2017
Some new features that are worth noting in this release include a little something for everyone.

For those with multiple campaigns, the new “Global Leads” section gives you a really simple and intuitive way to view and sort your leads without the burden of changing accounts.

NowRenting remains the only site of it’s kind to take tenant pre-screening to a whole new level. Users can now set the bar on how important each screening question is and then calculate a match percentage based on how those questions are answered. Brilliant right? We thought so.

We are also really excited to announce an addition to the NowRenting lineup. NowRenting Pro is live and will serve as a full-service listing software for professionals. This week, NowRenting Pro was front and center and got a major upgrade under the hood, making it easy to interact with our team, and enjoy the functionality of the site. More to come in next week's update.

More syndication, Non-lead Emails, and Applications

Released on September 13th, 2017
New syndication partner and more features!
  • Added as a syndication partner, in addition to already syndicating partners:
    • Zillow
    • Trulia
    • Yahoo
    • Hotpads
    • MyNewPlace
    • Msn
    • HGTV Frontdoor
  • Introduced the ability to handle incoming messages that aren't actual leads
  • Leads can now fill out an online application which can then be managed from a campaign
  • Better handling of listing images to minimize network usage

Listings, Syndication, and Listings Website

Released on September 9th, 2017
Web improvements--expect mobile shortly!
  • Introduced the ability to create a listing with details, amenities, and photos
  • Added SMS account verification when creating new listings
  • Syndication of listings to
  • Added public websites to campaigns to display attached listings

Without further ado. Introducing NowRenting. A new, innovative software solution for landlords.

Released on September 1st, 2017
First release of
  • Generate private email and phone numbers specific to each campaign
  • Generate prescreening questions to pick the best lead
  • Filter leads based on their answers to the prescreening questions
  • Handle communication between the leads via email and SMS
× Attention!