Published by Matthew Talamini in on Monday, May 6th, 2019

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    > Encryption


The NowRenting team is serious about security. It’s the driving concern behind features like:

NowRenting uses state-of-the-art encryption to prevent access to your applications. Multiple layers of encoding, through Public-Key Cryptography using RSA, AES256 and PBKDF2, prohibit improper access to that data. This is the case when NowRenting stores the data, and also when it transmits it to you. That means it’s only ever visible to you, on the computer you use to log in. Not even the NowRenting team has access to your application data.

You may have noticed NowRenting asking for your password when you want to look at an application. That’s because your password is the key to the encryption. Until you supply it, the data stays unreadable.

NowRenting Application Password

(Note: Your encrypted information is completely inaccessible without your password. That means that if you lose or forget your password, past applications may become unrecoverable. However, if your account has multiple users, another user may be able to restore access.)

Connect to Plaid

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

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    > Connect to Plaid

Connect to Plaid

(Note: This article is about connecting NowRenting to a bank account for the purpose of syncing financial data. To read about connecting NowRenting to a bank account so you can accept rent payments, see here.)

NowRenting can automatically import expenses from your bank account and associate them with a Property. To import expenses, first you have to connect NowRenting to your bank account. NowRenting uses Plaid, a national leader in financial connectivity technology, to facilitate this connection.

First, navigate to the Property Expenses settings page by clicking the link in the main settings drop-down menu. Then click the Connect a Bank Account link.

NowRenting Connect a Bank Account Navigate

Click Continue to agree to the Plaid Privacy Policy.

NowRenting Connect a Bank Account Agree

Then select your bank. If your bank is not pictured, use the search bar to locate it. Plaid supports thousands of institutions!

NowRenting Connect a Bank Account Choose Bank

Enter the credentials you use to access your bank account online. For your privacy and security, this information goes directly to Plaid; NowRenting’s servers never touch it.

NowRenting Connect a Bank Account Enter Credentials

Select the account you want NowRenting to connect to.

NowRenting Connect a Bank Account Select Account

Congratulations! You’ve connected your bank account to NowRenting.

NowRenting Connect a Bank Account Success

Once you’ve connected to Plaid, you’ll want to create a Property to manage the imported data. Read about how to create a new Property here, and about how to sync expenses here.

For Rental Pros, Landlords and Tenants, “It’s always better together”

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

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    > For Rental Pros, Landlords and Tenants, “It’s always better together”

For Rental Pros, Landlords and Tenants, “It’s always better together”

As February’s end draws near and we begin to take inventory of where we are, how we got here and where we are going next I can’t help but to be over the moon excited, happy and proud.

The product that we consider to be a part of our immediate family is starting to bear fruit for our early adopters. The rental eco-system that we envisioned which puts equal emphasis on Professionals, Tenants and Landlords is not only functioning, but it’s beginning to thrive. The future has never looked brighter for NowRenting.

So how did we get here and what’s next? NowRenting is built on a simple concept with a wonderfully engineered solution:
“Use the internet to unify and simplify the residential rental space for Landlords, Tenants and Professionals.”
This mission when stated this way seems simple enough, and was born from the passion and desire to solve this problem. And whether you use NowRenting to solve these issues or not, the simple fact remains that when all 3 of these elements are part of this process, everyone wins. I believe that it is our mission and responsibility to prove this to be true.

In the month of March, we will use social media, email and NowRenting.com to showcase extraordinary people from each of these groups (Tenants, Landlords and Professionals). We will share stories and tips from landlords, showcase the professionals that are dominating the digital rental space and we will hear from tenants on exactly what makes them want to rent and what motivates their decisions. We will also add in contests, giveaways and other fun.
NowRenting will now be the champion of this Rental Trinity first, and a cool internet company second.

We hope you’ll join us in the Rental Revolution and help us blaze the trail to new kind of rental market, because it truly is better together.

Blog by: @Kyle_at_NowRenting

Three Things to Do To Find More Qualified Rental Leads

Published by Matthew Talamini in on Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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    > Three Things to Do To Find More Qualified Rental Leads

Three Things to Do To Find More Qualified Rental Leads

Listing rental properties is hard. But, going through leads and trying to find the most qualified renter is even harder! There is an endless list of things to consider when trying to find the best possible person to rent property to. Should the renter have a certain financial standing? How will you know if your tenant will be reliable? Finding the perfect renter is time consuming and overwhelming. Here are a few things to focus on when trying to find more qualified leads for your rental property.
One way to find more qualified leads is to always make sure to ask possible renters for a referral from previous landlords. This is your chance to see what other landlords have to say about their tenants! You can find out if this particular tenant pays their rent on time, if they are disruptive, if they respect the property, and even the kind of lifestyle the renter has . There is immense value in the information that a landlord can offer regarding a possible renter. Depending on what a former landlord has to say regarding a tenant, you can choose to continue to consider renting property to them.

Another way to obtain more qualified rental leads is to request possible renters for a background check. Background checks can tell you if your possible renter has been convicted of a crime, or if they have been previously evicted from another property. A background check will also tell you if the renter is in the middle of any legal issues or battles. You can see if your possible renter is being sued, owes child support, or any other trends of non-payment and financial issues. Then, you must ask yourself; are you willing to rent to someone with certain convictions or legal issues?

One final thing to consider that will make finding a more qualified lead listing is the prospective renter’s credit score. A credit score reflects the likelihood that someone will pay back a loan. Knowing a lead’s credit score is key to knowing if they will pay their rent on time in full and even if they can actually afford the amount of rent you are requesting. A tenant with good credit will have good financial standing. The better the renter’s financial standing, the more qualified of a lead they become.

Once you have sifted through these three important considerations, you are prepared to select the most reliable renter. All you need to do is screen your possible renters based off personal preferences to narrow down your list of leads.