Why NowRenting?

We take the pain out of finding, screening and signing tenants.

Stop manually posting your listings

There are dozens of listings sites you could be using to market your rentals, but the time it takes to post to each one adds up fast. With NowRenting, you create a listing just once and we post it to each partner in our network on your behalf.

NowRenting Syndication

No more hunting down qualified leads

People contacting you about listings are automatically sent screening questions to see if they’re a good fit. We’ll rank potential leads based on their answers to your questions—all you have to do is pick which to move forward with.

We can also send a digital application with an optional background check included (and the applicant pays the fee)!


Know you’re getting the best tenants

We take the guesswork out of knowing a tenant’s history. Partnering with industry leader Transunion, we make it simple for prospective tenants to digitally submit a background check request. You’ll get a complete criminal background check, a full eviction history report, and a comprehensive credit report.

The best part of it all? The tenant pays the fee!

Prescreen Leads

Take your paperwork and streamline it digitally

Once you’ve found the perfect tenant you need to get that tenant signed. Use NowRenting’s intuitive lease builder to generate a lease document with the tenant’s information. Send leases via email or text to your tenants and get their digital signature back in less time than ever before.

Generate Leases

Keep your personal life private

Included in every NowRenting plan is a free local phone number and NowRenting email address that we’ll use when posting listings. Any communication to those contact methods is automatically sent to NowRenting so your personal phone and email stay private.

You’ll be able to see your texts and emails on the Messages section of NowRenting so you can keep all of your business communication in one place.

Communicate Privately

“Absolute game changer. It’s all here. From marketing my listing to ACH, one listing covered the cost for the year and then some. Best tool in my toolbox for sure.”

Corissa Nadrowski

Bohemia Realty Group, New York City

Fill your vacancies with the best tenants

Quickly and painlessly find qualified tenants and get them into your rentals

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